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2021 Haiti Earthquake Relief


GOAL : 200000 $

RAISED : 605 $

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on Saturday, August 14. USGS reports that more than 10,000 people have died and by our estimates, over 50,000...

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Ananda Kuti School Retrofit

GOAL : 107000 $

RAISED : 5252 $

Damage from the 2015 earthquake in Nepal continues to prevent students from returning to school. Help us rebuild a safe environment for learning at Ananda Kuti.

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Kara Tribe COVID-19 Starvation Relief Fund


GOAL : 130000 $

RAISED : 63169 $

The unexpectedness of the global pandemic has dramatically increased food insecurity in this already vulnerable region.

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Rebuild Beirut

GOAL : 30000 $

RAISED : 4103 $

On August 4th, a chemical blast destroyed parts of the Port of Beirut, Lebanon. Over 200 lives were lost.

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Save the Last Tribes of Ethiopia


GOAL : 100000 $

RAISED : 10020 $

Help us protect the lives, livelihoods and culture of tribes struggling for self-sufficiency in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

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Night of 1000 Drawings

GOAL : 50000 $

RAISED : 20000 $

We have teamed up with Hope Street Margolis Family Center to raise funds for their "Summer of Science program."

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Puerto Rico Earthquake Recovery

The January 2020 earthquake damaged 10 percent of buildings in the area and collapsed several schools.

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Shree Janavikash Secondary School

Shree Janavikash Secondary School is located in the southwestern part of Kathmandu.

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Post-Earthquake School Assessments in Nepal Shila Devi School

Miyamoto Relief provided engineering services as an in-kind donation toward this school reconstruction.

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Petion-Ville High School – Retrofitting the Most Dangerous School in Haiti

More than 4,000 students use the overcrowded, dangerous school every weekday.

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