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Global Engineering Expertise

Miyamoto Relief applies engineering expertise to sustain life in at-risk communities around the world. Our focus is on seismically upgrading schools to safeguard the lives of the most vulnerable children. Miyamoto Relief also works to preserve cultural heritage and historic structures. The entire history of a culture can be lost in a few seconds of an earthquake.

Dr. Kit Miyamoto


Sabine Kast

Executive Director

Jini Agrawal

Program Manager Nepal

David Hopkins

Technical Advisor

Almost no
overhead costs.

Almost all overhead costs are taken care of by Miyamoto International. Miyamoto International also provides engineering expertise at non-profit, or at no cost at all to our relief projects. This enables Miyamoto Relief to reach those most in need. Traditional nonprofits struggle with high overhead costs with fewer funds available for the communities they serve.

Having minimal overhead costs makes Miyamoto Relief very effective and unique. Our donor’s money is spent on our programmatic work.


Safeguard Life


Provide safety to 10,000 lives each year


By 2023, provide safety to 200,000 lives each year


I personally saw 1000s of children die in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. School buildings failed due to a lack of engineering knowledge and improper construction. This is a global issue. It is the fundamental right of the students to be safe Engineering makes a big difference. That’s why Miyamoto Relief was formed.

– Dr. Kit Miyamoto

Our Partners

Miyamoto Relief thanks all individual and institutional donors who have entrusted us to utilize their donations in the most accountable manner possible in service of at-risk communities.