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Return Water To Ethiopian Tribes

Miyamoto Relief is working with Omo Valley tribes to raise much-needed funds to secure, install and maintain a solar-powered irrigation system that will support the development of community farms. We ask you to support the tribes in their struggle to gain back their livelihoods and return to self-sufficiency by helping us implement a simple and sustainable technical solution that will save lives.

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Recent Success: SESH and USAID/BHA KUAT Collaboration in Indonesia



Restoring Hope in Haiti: The Inspiring Story of Consuelo Alzamora and FONTEN’s Mission

Consuelo Alzamora, a 37-year-old Chilean occupational therapist, has dedicated over a decade of her life to rehabilitating physically challenged individuals in rural Haiti.


Draw anything, with anything on anything

Night of 1000 Drawings

Saturday, October 21

Your art can help rebuild schools across war-torn Ukraine.