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Return Water To Ethiopian Tribes

Miyamoto Relief is working with Omo Valley tribes to raise much-needed funds to secure, install and maintain a solar-powered irrigation system that will support the development of community farms. We ask you to support the tribes in their struggle to gain back their livelihoods and return to self-sufficiency by helping us implement a simple and sustainable technical solution that will save lives.

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Repairing earthquake-affected schools in Haiti

Haiti is a country that is frequently affected by natural disasters, particularly earthquakes. One way to mitigate the impact of earthquakes on communities is to build seismic resilient schools. 



Turkey-Syria Earthquake Reveals Building Vulnerabilities

The Turkey-Syria earthquake has revealed that earthquakes are one of the most destructive disasters that can occur on our planet. The earthquake caused widespread damage to infrastructure, buildings, and homes, and resulted in over 36,000 fatalities.