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The Restoration of Cite Soleil’s Only Public High School

100% of donations will go to reconstruction and recovery efforts, including aiding several collapsed schools.

Miyamoto Relief

In 2013, Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief embarked on an initiative to rehabilitate the 1,400-student earthquake-damaged Lycée Nationale de Cité Soleil in Haiti.

Cite Soleil community is known for extreme poverty. Due to its instability and violence, many organizations had security protocols prohibiting Cite Soleil from accessing assistance. Because of damage and unsafe design the 16-classroom school -the only public secondary school in the commune- was ordered evacuated after the 2010 earthquake. For more than four years the students studied in cramped make-shift classroom structures set up in the courtyard. Miyamoto Relief galvanized more than 20 Haitian businesses, US private donors and the Japanese Government to invest in the rebuilding of the school.

In 2014, construction was completed and the school was retrofitted to international standards, becoming a seismic strengthening model dor schools throughout Haiti.

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