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06 December 2018

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Recent Success: Shree Janavikash School

Shree Janavikash Secondary School is located in the southwestern part of Kathmandu and close to the Tribhuvan University, the largest university in Nepal. This public school offers education to about 400 students. Most of these students are household workers who have internally migrated from villages to Kathmandu in search of quality education and work.

During the April 2015 earthquake, two out of three school buildings of Shree Janavikash Secondary School suffered significant damages. These two school buildings have been demolished and rebuilt by the Ministry of Education. One of the school buildings that consists of six classrooms still stands in a dilapidated condition with visible cracks in the building. Due to insufficient space and funding, the school has been running classes in this unsafe two-story building.

The engineers from Miyamoto Relief conducted a rapid visual assessment of the school building and strongly believe that the building can be retrofitted. It is estimated that the design for retrofitting will take around two months and the tendering process followed by construction will take between 10 to 12 months.