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18 March 2021

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Limited Edition Prints by Renowned Artist Anish Kapoor on Auction to Benefit Ethiopia’s Kara Tribe

"Omo" by Anish Kapoor - 30 prints now available at auction.

Anish Kapoor, named one of the most influential sculptors of his generation, and nonprofit Miyamoto Relief are auctioning limited edition prints to support the Kara Tribe’s struggle to feed their people and survive the devastating effects of both a global pandemic and a nearby hydroelectric dam.

The online auction will take place starting mid-March and is open to the public. Anish recently visited the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, where he witnessed first-hand the hardships faced by the local tribes facing increased food and water insecurity. Inspired by their plight, he generously donated 30 prints, which will be auctioned by global engineering nonprofit and technical partner to the Kara Tribe, Miyamoto Relief.

In collaboration with the Kara, Miyamoto Relief’s pro-bono engineers have been developing a solar-powered irrigation system to return floodwaters to the tribes’ farms after a new hydroelectric dam on the Omo River re-routed life-sustaining water. In December, the COVID-19 pandemic reached the Valley and the tribes, now reliant on ecotourism to supplement dwindling agriculture, began experiencing food shortages and starvation. Miyamoto Relief is seeking $130,000 in funding to provide immediate food and to support a sustainable irrigation solution.

Known for experimental feats of engineering and public art, Anish’s prints are a limited-time opportunity to afford world renowned art and make a difference for this Tribes’ self-determination and survival.

To access to auction or learn more visit: Buy art, save lives.


Kara Tribe COVID-19 Starvation Relief Fund


GOAL : 130000 $

RAISED : 63169 $

The unexpectedness of the global pandemic has dramatically increased food insecurity in this already vulnerable region.

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  • barkasten says:

    The art and museum world is suffering immensely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and now is our chance to support the much loved Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery by purchasing limited edition works by a selection of acclaimed artists. T he Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery was once the home to celebrated architect Sir John Soane, a professor of architecture at the Royal Academy, and a dedicated collector of paintings, sculpture, architectural fragments and models, books, drawings and furniture. Soane himself designed it, built it between 1800-1804 and lived in the manor until 1810. Following three years of renovations, the Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery reopened to the public in March 2019, establishing itself as a forum for innovation and creativity. The 1939 library building is now home to the Pitzhanger Gallery, a space for exhibiting contemporary art, where a showcase of works by Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor was launched as the gallery’s inaugural exhibition. Kapoor’s works, some of which were previously unseen in Britain, instilled a fresh perspective of form and space to visitors, echoing Soane’s use of light, space and mirrors within the building.

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