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14 September 2020

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Help Blast Victims in Beirut Rebuild Their Homes

Last month, a chemical explosion ravaged the Port of Beirut, Lebanon. With a 5 km blast radius, thousands of homes were flattened and hundreds of lives were lost. Our engineer Carl Abinader is usually based in Sacramento, but was staying with family in his home country of Lebanon at the time of the explosion. Thankfully, Carl is safe, but his family and their neighbors’ lives have been devastated. Carl is staying in Beirut to help with damage assessments, emergency shelters and recovery efforts.

Destroyed Home In Beirut

Carl Abinader surveys a heavily damaged building in Beirut.

Here at Miyamoto Relief we are all too familiar with the damage disasters can have on people, economies and the buildings that hold our communities together. That is why we are fundraising to support victims in Beirut.

Destroyed Car Beirut

The mangled ruins of a car destroyed by the massive shockwave that rocked the city.

Proceeds will go towards helping the over 80,000 families who had their homes damaged. Of the buildings still standing, the most common damage seen is shattered windows and doors. Even small donations can help a family make their home safe to return to again. In the time of an unprecedented pandemic, we all know how important a safe home is right now.

Rebuild Beirut

On August 4th, a chemical blast destroyed parts of the Port of Beirut, Lebanon. Over 200 lives were lost.

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