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Post-Earthquake School Assessments in Nepal Shila Devi School

Miyamoto Relief assessed earthquake damage at 11 campuses to develop rebuilding recommendations.

Miyamoto Relief

Many of theses schools are built dangerously on the razor edge of slopes. Every year landslides in Nepal kill hundreds of people. Earthquakes only add to this precarious situation. To mitigate the risk of school buildings sliding down mountains and collapsing on students, our engineers recommended stabilizing the slopes with retaining walls at key locations.

Miyamoto Relief provided engineering services as an in-kind donation toward this school reconstruction project led by the Government of Nepal through the Ministry of Education and a charitable organization, Round Table Nepal, which raised funds for the repair and retrofitting of the school building.

Built in 2004 to serve 300+ students in the Nuwakot area of Nepal, the Shila Devi School was red-tagged—deemed too damaged to occupy—as a result of the devastating 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.

Miyamoto’s role in this project was to support in a detailed damage assessment, retrofit design and occasional supervision on construction. The work was completed in 2016 and the students now attend a safe school.

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