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How we plan to make a difference

Be There

Establish offices where disaster mitigation, response and reconstruction activities are required. Our presence makes communities safer.

Develop Partnerships

Partner with organizations with the similar mission and values. We collaborate with each other for technical and financial strength.

Leverage Resources

Leverage our resources to reduce overhead costs; access our global network to identify partners and potential beneficiaries.

Be Progressive

Commit to being a progressive, innovative and creative nonprofit in the way that we manage our staff and volunteers.


Be a decentralized decision making organization with corporate support and coordination. All locations conduct their own fund raising in addition to global fund raising campaigns.

Communicate our Message

Commit to communicating our messages and what we can do for people throughout the globe by innovative strategies for PR and media.


Do not compete with local commercial sectors in the provision of our services. Demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Promote Independence

Promote a culture of economic independence through technology transfer and training.