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Our Story

Who We Are.

Why we do what we do

It is possible to save lives.

This video explains why it is so important that the work continues to save lives through structural engineering. We have the technology and the experience to minimize loss of life during and after an earthquake. It is up to us to make this happen. Please consider donating to Miyamoto Relief so that we can continue our mission to save lives


Be There

Establish offices where disaster mitigation, response and reconstruction activities are required. Our presence makes communities safer.

Develop Partnerships

Partner with organizations with the similar mission and values. We collaborate with each other for technical and financial strength.

Leverage Resources

Leverage our resources to reduce overhead costs; access our global network to identify partners and potential beneficiaries

Be Progressive

Commit to being a progressive, innovative and creative nonprofit in the way that we manage our staff and volunteers.


Be a decentralized decision making organization with corporate support and coordination. All locations conduct their own fund raising in addition to global fund raising campaigns.

Communicate our Message

Commit to communicating our messages and what we can do for people throughout the globe by innovative strategies for PR and media


Do not compete with local commercial sectors in the provision of our services. Demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Promote Independence

Promote a culture of economic independence through technology transfer and training.

Transparency and Accountability

Reduced Overhead costs: Almost all overhead costs are taken care of by Miyamoto International. Miyamoto International provides engineering services at pro-Bono or at cost to enable to us to reach those most in need. This is what makes Miyamoto Relief very effective and unique. Our donors money is spent on our programmatic work.

Our Mission

Save lives from disaster.

Our Vision

Save hundreds of thousands of lives through state-of the-art engineering in communities in need. Make a positive impact on humanity as a technical non-profit with strategic locations across the globe.

Our Goal

Provide safety to 10,000 lives per year. By 2023, provide safety to 200,000 lives per year.

Tragic Loss of Life is Preventable

Responding to more than 100 disaster, the Miyamoto team has witnessed the tragic loss of life – including countless children – when structures fail needlessly due to improper building practices, lack of engineering knowledge and the use of substandard building materials…
Millions of children are at risk… Sichuan earthquake and then Haiti…

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Meet the Board Members

Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief is governed by an independent Board of Directors that is composed of U.S. and Haitian nationals. In addition to H. Kit Miyamoto, who serves as the president, the Board currently consists of the following individuals: Steve Ayers, CEO of Armour Steel Company, Inc.; Terrance Risse, president of Iron Mechanical, Inc.; Jeffrey K. Dorso, managing partner of Pioneer Law Group, LLP; Edward Robert Fyfe, president of Fyfe Company LLC; Richard Buteau, general manager of the Karibe Hotel in Port-au-Prince; Olivia Caldwell, Housing and Corporate Social Responsibility manager at CEMEX Haiti.

H. Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D., S.E.

President of non-profit Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief, the CEO for Miyamoto International, a California Seismic Safety Commissioner and a governing board member for Global Earthquake Model. Under his leadership, more than 15,000 projects have been successfully completed worldwide.

Steve Ayers
Board Member

Steve Ayers, is CEO of Armour Steel Company, Inc., and a managing member of Utah Partners/Elks Building. He has been active in steel construction, real estate and development for the past 29 years, and has worked in every facet of the business–from manufacturing, to field operations, to project manager, to principal.

Terrance Risse
Board Member

Terrance Risse has worked in the plumbing and HVAC industry since 1979, with a focus on field operations, installation, design and layout.Starting as a field laborer, he worked his way up to field manager and has since supervised hundreds of projects, from high-rise and apartment buildings to health care facilities.

Jeffrey K. Dorso
Board Member

Jeffrey K. Dorso is the managing partner of Pioneer Law Group, LLP. Over the past five years, Mr. Dorso has served on numerous Boards of Directors internationally, in both the nonprofit and for-profit context. Mr. Dorso is also serving on the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Zoological Society and Solar Cookers International.

Richard Buteau
Board Member

Richard Buteau was born in Haiti in 1962. He is the third generation in a family of hoteliers and restaurateurs in Haiti since 1928. His experience includes completion of the Kinam Hotel in 1985, Le Ritz in 1989, Apartment Buteau in 1997, the Karibe Hotel in 2003, Palm Residence in 2007 and Servotel in 2011.

Olivia Caldwell
Board Member

Olivia has a BA in anthropology from McGill University and a master’s degree in sustainable economic development from the United Nations University in Costa Rica. She currently works as Housing and Corporate Social Responsibility manager at CEMEX Haiti, where she is developing social housing projects across the country.

Mark Zweig
Board Member

Mark C. Zweig is best known as the leading expert in management for the architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental industry. Mark is a widely published writer on A/E/P and environmental firm management, having authored thirteen books and written for countless outside publications.

Dr. Akira Wada
Technical Advisor

Dr. Akira Wada is a Professor Emeritus at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He graduated from the Department of Architecture and Building Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1968, and completed the master’s course in 1970. He then became a member of the Structural Engineering division of Nikken Sekkei Ltd., one of the largest architecture and engineering design firms in Japan.

His research interests include the structural engineering of architecture and buildings, seismic design, seismically isolated structures, damage-controlled design, and computer simulation of structures. Dr. Wada currently serves as president of the Architectural Institute of Japan and as a member of the Science Council of Japan.

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