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New Opportunities for Learning

Digicel Foundation agreed to rehabilitate the Lycée’s computer lab, in partnership with the incredible Irish foundation Camara.

New Opportunities for Learning

Lycee National de Cite SoleilThe Ministry of Education was a key partner for this strengthening project. Too often, many projects related to Haiti’s schools bypass the Ministry, undermining coordination and accountability. From the very beginning, the Ministry of Education was Miyamoto’s partner, taking responsibility and participating in key decisions. This again was important for local residents to see, as many had begun to lose faith in the Ministry of Education and saw the lack of repairs to the Lycée as being more of a lack of political will than a lack of resources.

This initiative, with the visible presence of the Ministre within it, helped to counter t hose perceptions. Miyamoto engaged other sets of key external partners for the success of this initiative. Miyamoto made the astute choice of hiring Fretco as the implementing construction agency. Not only was Fretco technically competent for the rehabilitation work, but as an agency that has worked in Cite Soleil before, Fretco knew how to navigate challenging local dynamics with professionalism. Other corporate foundations such as the Digicel Foundation agreed to rehabilitate the Lycée’s computer lab, in partnership with the incredible Irish foundation Camara. And very critically, the Government of Japan provided the remaining funds to make this project possible.


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