Petion Ville High School

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This high school is located at the heart of Petion-Ville, a highly dense suburb of Port-au-Prince. Even though more than 4,000 students attend the school in shifts on a daily basis, the building only has 20 classrooms and three temporary shelters serving as makeshift classrooms.

The three-story structure rests atop columns, causing a potential structural risk to the building. In the case of an earthquake, the building will be at great risk of collapsing, putting the lives of thousands of students at risk.

Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief has made it its mission to protect schools such as this one. To strengthen the school and save lives, Miyamoto Relief will use seismic fluid viscous dampers as a reinforcement to the schools existing structure. Fluid viscous dampers are an advanced earthquake engineering technology used in high seismic risk areas to prevent building damage and ensure life-safety.

Initial Site Inspection

Jon Buckley, a 32-year-old project engineer in our San Diego office, used his vacation and paid his own way to volunteer in Haiti for the firm’s nonprofit, Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief. “Yesterday we were in the MI office all day, modeling the existing building in ETABS, understanding the school building material components, creating a load takeoff and finding seismic masses. Beverly works on creating the as-built drawings of the school in CAD. Sometimes it’s tough to determine existing building materials and makeup, but we believe we have a very good idea of the system based on typical construction. I work on modeling just one of the buildings, the wing closest to the street. The back wing will be almost identical except it has a lower basement.


Strengthening Plan Development Phase

After the as-built drawings have been created, strengthening solutions will be explored and modeled to provide the best stability and prevent the possibility of a ‘soft-story’ collapse in the event of a future earthquake. Dampers are ideal for retrofitting existing buildings and strengthening them to make them resistant against even the strongest earthquakes without having to perform major works on the existing structure. This is important since construction works should disrupt classes as little as possible in order to keep the children in school. This technology has not been fully integrated into the Haitian construction industry. The school would be the second building to benefit from dampers in Haiti.

Construction/Implementation Phase

Once the plans have been modeled, tested and approved, the construction phase will begin. Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief will work with local Haitian construction firms to lead the repair work. Haiti’s engineers and construction teams will be trained on the use of Buckle Restrained Brace Frames and Dampers so they can have the capacity to implement this new and efficient technology on other projects throughout the country.

This phase is highly dependent on funding and community support. Without your help, this phase may not become a reality. Please consider supporting this project, which will provide safety and security for the more than 4,000 students who attend school here each day.