Haiti Children’s Academy

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Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief helped Haiti Partners construct the Children’s Academy in Baocia, Haiti. This project is part of a multi-phase plan to build an earthquake- and hurricane-resistant school and learning center that will accommodate up to 400 children. Haiti Partners’ goal is for the Children’s Academy to become an example of:

  • Progressive education
  • Parent involvement
  • Participative community governance
  • Self-reliance through a social business connected to the school
  • A hub for community development and lifelong learning

The Children’s Academy and Learning Center includes a preschool, primary and secondary school, training and meeting center, and agricultural/environmental/social business hubThe preschool and kindergarten currently serves 120 happy healthy students who are overjoyed with their new school.  The integrated health clinic consults 120 patients a week, the social business bakery is up and running. The adult training center (under construction) will be completed later in 2015.